Unleash Your Inner Rockstar: Build Your Own Vintage Fender® Stratocaster Guitar and 65 Princeton® Reverb Amplifier with LEGO® Ideas Set (21329)

Are you ready to rock? Step back in time to the 1970s and relive the glory days of legendary musicians with the brand new LEGO® Ideas set (21329). Unleash your creativity and build your very own brick-built Fender® Stratocaster guitar and 65 Princeton® Reverb amplifier! This incredible set allows you to recreate the iconic curves of the Stratocaster and brings back memories of the golden era of music.

Crafting the Legendary Stratocaster®

The LEGO® Ideas set (21329) gives you the unique opportunity to build a classic 1970s Fender® Stratocaster guitar. With authentic details such as the posable whammy bar, pickup switch, and tuning pegs, this brick-built guitar looks and feels just like the real deal. You’ll feel like a rockstar as you bring this iconic instrument to life with your own hands.

The Perfect Amplifier: 65 Princeton® Reverb

No rock performance is complete without an impressive amplifier, and the LEGO® Ideas set doesn’t disappoint. Build the 65 Princeton® Reverb amplifier, complete with removable panels for easy viewing of the motherboard, reverb tank, speaker, and other interior details. The set even includes rubber cables to connect the amp to the guitar and footswitch, adding a touch of realism to your musical setup.

A Striking Centerpiece for Your Collection

Once you’ve completed the build, you’ll have a striking centerpiece for your collection. The set includes bricks to construct the guitar in either red or black, and it comes with guitar picks in four vibrant colors. To add a touch of elegance, there’s a foldable stand designed to perfectly display your guitar model.

Personalize Your Gear with LEGO® Style

Fender enthusiasts will appreciate the attention to detail, as the set features a sticker with the iconic Fender logo made entirely from LEGO bricks. You can proudly attach this sticker to your real guitar or amp, blending classic rock aesthetics with the playful charm of LEGO.

A Cool Collectible for Guitar Players and LEGO Enthusiasts

The LEGO® Ideas set (21329) is not just any ordinary toy; it is designed with adults in mind. Music lovers, guitar players, Fender fans, and keen LEGO builders will find delight in this captivating building kit. Whether you’re a seasoned LEGO enthusiast or a music lover looking to embrace your creative side, this set offers an exciting and immersive building experience.

Unleash Your Creativity Today

Step into the shoes of legendary musicians, channel your inner rockstar, and embark on a journey of creativity with the LEGO® Ideas set (21329). Build your own 1970s Fender® Stratocaster guitar and 65 Princeton® Reverb amplifier, and proudly display your masterpiece in your collection.

Get ready to rock and roll with this perfect gift idea for guitar players, Fender fans, music lovers, and LEGO enthusiasts alike. Order your LEGO® Ideas set today and let your imagination soar as you construct these iconic musical treasures!

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